*pause* Listen now (13 min) | the power and the poetry (and Happy Mothering Day)
Wilderness Spirituality:"A Fierce Indifference to Unimportant Things"Listen now | or why I deleted Facebook — again!
a poem
Papa was a Rollin' Stone..Listen now | Rock 'n Roll, Match.com and the Art of Lament
A Prayer, a Poem and a Clown Protests.. Listen now (15 min) | How do we answer the call to solidarity?
Antidotes to American ExclusionismListen now | the radical idea of Unconditional Love, a Weeping Pottery Judge and Asset Framing
A short prayer/poem..Who might I be, if I let it go And let it seep deep into the earth? What would be left of me? On my skin? Would I be cold? Wet? And would the ea…
The Way Forward: ForgivenessListen now (13 min) | A Guided Prayer of Loving Kindness and a Letting Go of Resentments
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