Or Pandemic Flux Syndrome and Me
the privilege to love
Learning to live with Grief as well as Joy
A Mother’s Day Story (not really)
What does it mean to live in our bodies without shame? (and a guest post from nutrition coach Julie Layton on Food as Spiritual Practice)
Southern Gothic meets Midwestern kitsch, which is my kind of pilgrimage and just what I needed before this Holy Week
As we stand at the edge of Easter and the edge of all kinds of new beginnings, I don’t want to go back to the way things were. I want to go forward int…
Guest Writer!!! Michelle Hand writes about her struggle with Lent and reconciling one's self to the notion of unconditional love.
Wanna talk about big ideas? I read this Marie Howe poem last night. Another moment of anticipation at the beginning of time. How might you liken this to the Guth-Linde theo…
February seems interminable in good years, this year I'm in need of a full deep dive into theoretical physics to get me through.
Howard Thurman, a Pilgrimage and a Word from Dr. Starsky Wilson
Boundaries, Reality as the Primary Voice of God, Discernment, & Speaking Truth to Power